Exhibition of historical reproductions of Ancient Faience Majolica

Following careful, historical studies, fruit of the contribution of researchers and experts in this sector, the "La Cartiera" art centre has produced a collection of ancient majolica reproductions, exact copies of the originals.

This sixty-three piece exhibition will take visitors through five hundred years of art history, and the majolica pieces are some of the most representative modelled since the 14th century. The exhibition follows a philological course through to the 19th century.

This permanent exhibition offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience the art and skill of the ceramics masters of the past first hand. Each exhibited item has its own descriptive card providing an explanation of its main, distinctive features, enabling visitors to grasp the most important historical aspects.

Visitors can also purchase the reproductions should they so wish, and own some of the extraordinary proof of that art of majolica from Faenza which has always testified and provided an example of the very best expression of the art of fire.